Basically, the cards are categorized into these 5 ranks.

Cards without a condition description in the card's name are available in 〔Condition: A〕

⇑This card has no condition marked [Condition: A]

⇑This card has [Condition: A-] at the beginning of the condition card name.


Single Card Condition Notation

〔Condition: A~A-〕

Perfectly clean to slightly scratched, scuffed etc... (including initial specs)

〔 A〕


〔Condition: A〕is clean with almost no initial scratches. *Please note that Centering is not included in the evaluation.

〔 A-〕



〔Condition: B〕

Some scratches, scuff marks, or stains on the edges or surface of the card.



〔Condition: C〕

Dented areas, scratches, or stains. Not suitable for collection.



〔Condition: HPLD〕

Clearly scratched and soiled condition.


 *These images are only examples. The rank may vary depending on the degree and amount of scratches.