"Only 2 Points" Look out for Fake Japanese Pokémon Booster BOX【Easily with images 151 ver.】

Now it's a serious problem all over the world.

Pokémon cards are popular not only in Japan but also among children and adults around the world. It is unacceptable that official Pokémon cards products are being tampered with by scammers.

I will share my opinion as I sell a large number of boxes every month to companies, collectors and other customers to help solve this problem as much as possible.

We will give you 2 points to recognize a fake and 3 solutions to avoid buying a fake.


Please see this article to the end and tell your family and friends😊


First, look at the following 5 images and consider what you think is Genuine or Fake.


⇑All 5 images are of the same BOX taken from 5 different angles. The answer to whether this box is genuine or fake will be presented at the end of this article👍

Let's proceed with the study 💪

I ordered a 151 from Mercari and received a fake one so I will use it as a model 😀

Point ①: Cutting line of wrapping on the side of the BOX

First, let's check the Genuine 151 BOX!

Points of the Genuine BOX (Side line)

  • Natural curve of the wrapping cutting surface
  • Wrapping is lax overall


Next, check for fakes.

Points of the Fake BOX (Side line)

  • Fakes have a straight line in the wrapping cut surface.
  • Has heat gun burn spots.
  • Wrapping is tight.

Point ②: Cutting line of wrapping on the front of the BOX

First, Check the Genuine 151 BOX!

Points of the Genuine BOX (Front line)

  • Wrapping cut surface is beneath the zip tab of the box

Next, check for fakes⇓

Points of the Fake BOX (Front line)

  • Wrapping cut surface overlaps the zip tab of the box
  • Straight line in the wrapping cut surface.


There are other points of characteristics of fakes, but honestly, if you just pay attention to these two places, you can easily recognize them 😅

I can tell just by touching them, as I stock a lot of boxes.

Next I will give you some specific solutions to help you avoid getting a fake box. This may sound obvious, but few people put it into practice, so check it out.

Solution ①:Have the seller send you a picture of the box before you buy it.

It can be a hassle, but it request a picture of the box when possible when if you buy from eBay, Amazon, etc.

Be especially careful with sellers who sell at the lowest price. If the price is clearly lower than the market price, there is a very high possibility that it is a fake.

Solution ②:Choose a reliable seller.

The best solution is to order from the seller you trust the most and always repeat!

Sellers do not want to give up customers who are always repeat buyers! I also don't want to lose my repeat customers😅

Solution ③:However, if you still worried about fakes...

If you're still worried about buying a BOX, I have a suggestion...

I will check your BOX for free!

If you send me some images of the BOX to my Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, I will determine if it is fake or real for FREE!

*I cannot guarantee 100%. I may not be able to tell if it's real or fake, so sorry if that's the case.

Please note: Priority will be given to... 

  • Instagram followers
  • Purchased from our store
  • Created an Account with my store.

Please understand_(._.)_


Match the answers to the 151 BOX in the first image!!

Thanks for reading the article so far😊

Did you find out if the first box was FAKE or GENUINE?

The answer is...







Genuine 151 BOX !!!!!!


Look again at the first image!

I hope this helps😊


This knowledge can be applied to other Booster BOX as well, so check it out👍

We welcome your comments👍

I'm not used to writing sentences in English, so if you have any sentences with strange English expressions, please let me know.

Thank you!




We also sell 151 BOX in our store.

I am not promoting this product🙄

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